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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lots of new words

Crystal is talking up a storm in our house...she loves the number two and knows when there is only two of something, but we cant get any other number from her...her newest word is ya...which is better than hearing no all the time...when she sees something from Christmas she goes HO HO HO, she is so cute

Courtney is slowly learning all the words from her sister....she just started saying HO HO HO but only when Crystal says it... I talked with her doctor and she will put in the word to get her trach out at the end of April first part of May...we need all the prayers we can to keep her healthy and that it goes like we hope

Jasmine has learned to shake her head no at every question you ask her....she also has learned to play peek-a-boo, it is so cute when she plays it in the car with her sisters....she are going to try and start weaning her nuk, to where she can have it in the car or sleeping only...some days we do alright and some days are a struggle

Daddy is doing good...he is working a lot but it is keeping him busy...we will be finding out in a few months were we will be living after Christmas, we are excited to be a whole family again...Courtney cant wait to have her daddy at home to put her to bed, least that what she says

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally a schedule

Crystals OT therapist gave us a board with pictures on it to help her and Courtney plan ahead and to help us get out the door on time in the morning.....So far it has been working great, even has been helping them go to bed on time

Monday we had no school so we went to the Maplewood mall to play in the play place....they all had a blast...the twins thought it was fun to try and go down the slide together...Crystal was the one to get hurt, she misjudged the height of the tunnel and smacked into, which resulted in a nice fat lip

They enjoyed going back to school today....Crystal stayed dry the whole day and used the potty, now time to work on that at home....Courtney stays dry most days but it hard for her since we gets all that pedisure at night

Jasmine is cutting all four molars at once, so she has been a cranky little girl....cant seem to get anything done some nights...i hope them come in fast unlike some of the other ones

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

outside fun

since it was such a warm day we went over to Grandma Hitchcocks house and pulled out the bikes for some fun in the January

Crystal I noticed is getting a little big for her bike, might need to get a bigger one...they enjoyed being outside again...Jasmine slept in her car seat while her sisters played

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New word

The twins have learned a new word this week, not the best word but a new word..

The new word is POOP, and they love to use it....and they do use it in the correct way...

Crystals therapy teacher had a good laugh with this word....but it shows they do listen to what we are saying

Will write a longer update tomorrow night

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A good week

It was a short week at school but they were happy to be back...they missed school and sad part is as they get older this will change

Crystal did great sorting colors today, they said this is the longest she has sat to do it...she is growing up...her teacher also stated that she is talking more, I know we have heard some new things at home including I know...we are working on teaching the word "and" so she can make her sentences longer

Courtney loved all the arts and crafts this week, this kid could color all day if you let her...her teachers also have reported that she is using more simple words, she is learning from Crystal...I was able to get her to say apple, two, three and four today, some didnt come out with exact words but close enough

Jasmine loves being the clown of the family....she knows when she isnt suppose to do something, and when you tell her no she will turn around and smile at you....she is always making us laugh with her goofy smile....she is always trying to play with her big sisters even when they dont like it

Everything else is going good...Crystal starts her first OT tomorrow, and combined that with speech, it will be along day for them