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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Out for breakfast

This morn we went out to Perkins with Auntie and Grandpa and Grandma Becky. It was a blast. The girls do so great when we go out to eat. They both got to try pancakes, Crystal didnt seem to mind them but after Courtney got some in her mouth and sallowed them she decide she didnt like them. It was her first table food that she actually ate. Than we went to Wal-Mart for some odd and ends. Courtney just loves going shopping, she gets a big smile on her face everytime.

Crystal has learned to climb into her toddler rocking chair. She thinks it is so much fun to stand up in it and make it rock or dance while standing in it. She took some more steps today.

Courtney was putting some pressure on her feet, such a big thing for her. I had her laying across my lap and she would push on the ground to go forward. She also had great head control.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

such a big post

Was docotrs appointment. Crystal is just over 16lbs and is 27 inches long......Courtney is over 18lbs close to 19lbs and is 25 inches long....So they are two pounds apart and two inches apart. They are healthy and doing great. Auntie Janet came into town last night and stopped over. It was great to see her, it only has been three weekends but that is to long.

We all went out to the zoo with Grandma Hitchcock and Auntie. It was a great day to be outside and be a family. The girls had a blast like they always do at the zoo. They seem to love the animals. Both girls learned new things today...Courtney has learned to wave bye-bye and look for daddy if you ask her where he is...and Crystal has learned to walk, okay not all the way but she was taking up to four steps at a time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Countdown is on

In about 6 more days Crystal will be getting her trach out. We are so excited. This week was her last trach change, now we will be down to just doing Courtneys every week.

Crystal has learned to give kisses. If you make a kissing noise to her she will do it right back. So cute. She has also learned that she can crawl on top of stuff to get to higher areas.

Courtney is doing great. She is on CPAP trials and doing great. Last time we tried this she didnt like it at all. She is looking forward to some one on one with mommy and daddy next week.

Auntie Janet is coming into town this weekend to visit, should be lots of fun....we going to the zoo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

What a great day it was. We planned a whole family picnic with all the grandparents. Everyone came, so there was Grandma Hamilton with Auntie and Uncle, Grandma Hitchcock, Grandpa Hitchcock and Grandma Becky. It was so much fun being together as a family.

After the cookout we went over to Como Zoo to see the animals. We didnt make it to see the flowers because the girls were starting to get a little crabby from being out all day and getting a little sun burnt.

We got lots of family photos with the girls. Some great family ones to send to their Grandpa over in Iraq.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Such a great day

This afternoon we went down the the St.Paul Hanger and welcomed home the rest of the troops that were gone with my husband. We brought the girls down for it too. It was great to be there, even though my husband is already home it was great to welcome the rest home and thank them for a job well done. The girls did great down there and it was a good thing for them.

Well we were there Crystal decide this was the day to learn how to wave, so she was waving to some of the other soldiers. It was so cute. I think she is so used to seeing the uniform everyday that doesn't phase her. She was crawling allover the place too.

Courtney has learned something new today too. When she smiles she will stick her tongue out the side of her mouth. It is so cute, she is a goof ball.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Few days in one

We went out to the park before it got to hot out.It was Courtneys first time and she loved it. Both girls loved the swings to the point that Courtney fell asleep in the swing. Crystal did a face plant off the slide and bumped her head, of course the left side again. Than we went to Sams Club and came home were we sat the rest of the night since it was to hot.

We went out to the mall with Grandma Hitchcock, and spent most of the morning out there since once again was to hot and windy to be outside. Than we just hung out at home.

We hung out at home and just chilled.

Courtney has learned to hold up her hands when she wants to be picked up and Crystal is walking more with her push toys.

Monday, May 18, 2009

zoo day

It was such a great day to take a trip out to the zoo. The girls had a blast. We were outside for most of the afternoon so there was a lot of sunscreen used on them which also meant bath night here at home. Crystal now has a leash thing even though she is only crawling but she is into everything, and when there is two I cant let her go to far. Courtney did great with sitting int the grass and being in the sun and wind. I am proud of her.

Crystal pulled out her trach and feeding tube again today. It is becoming a daily thing in this house with her. We have a set date for her trach coming out...JUNE 3, so not to much longer.

Courtney rolled over from back to belly last night with just a little butt tap from mommy, but she didnt do it tonight. She loves to talk and hates when her sister is in her space.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Owies

A day dosent pass where Crystal dosent get a new owie from something. Two days ago she scrapped her foot on something whole crawling, yesterday she got her first splinter and today she fell and bumped the side of her face that left a bruise. I can only imagine what will happen when she starts walking. Speaking of waling she took two steps yesterday on her own and she loves to walk behind her push toy, she could do that for hours.

Courtney has learned a new thing that she just loves and that is to rock back and fourth while sitting on the floor. She finds it funny and it keeps her happy and busy. Expect when she falls all the way forward and she does a face plant on the ground, at that point she screams louder than her sister. Her new favortie place to sit is on the couch, I think mainly because than her sister cant get to her.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

They are growing up

Girls are doing great. We had both girls tonight for a few hours so we packed them up and went to target with no nurses. That was fun, it is great to be a family with no extra people. Crystal pulled her trach out in the car, we got it back in but the ties werent on right, so when we got into target we had to redo her ties. That I bet was a sight for some people to see. Courtney was beating up her sister tonight, while Crystal was sleeping. Best time to get her i guess. Tomo we should have a date to have the trach out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Courtney went in for a follow-up from being in the PICU, and she is doing great. We are back to weaning her off her medication. And starting at the end of the month she will be starting CPAP, my little girl is getting so strong.

Crystal fell down on a toy today and got her first owie on the head. Just a small bump and bruise. If she wasnt trying to squeeze between two toys she wouldnt of fell. We are setting a date in two weeks to get her trach out. Hard to believe it is almost time for it to come out.

We went up to Grandma Hitchcocks work today and it was great showing the girls off to eveyone. Everyone was happy to see the mircle babies.

Monday, May 11, 2009

new pics

I got a picture of Courtneys top teeth, hard to believe she has so many already. Crystal found a new place to play today, with the tupperware. She has crawled down some of the hall and than crawled back to the door all by herself. She is proud of herself. Courtney is still learning how to roll from back to tummy but she is closer than before.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend of fun

Yesterday in the morn hours mommy, daddy and Crystal went out to some garage sales. Crystal loves going out. Than we came home and we all played with Grandma Becky and Grandpa. Courtney was talking with Grandma it was so cute. Than Grandma Hitchcock came over and we all went out to dinner from my birthday and mothers day. The girls did great at the restaurant. Courtney sat in a highchair and Crystal sat in a booster seat. Crystal was eating ice cream off a big kid spoon and did great with it. Courtney even tried some, they are getting so big. When we got home and were getting them ready for bed, Courtney pulled out her trach and needed an emergency trach change. By the time the nurse got over to her my and daddy already had the old one out and the new one in. We were quick, and of course after that she didnt want to go to bed.

Today it is mothers day and my 22nd birthday. My second mothers day and it was great just like my first one. We all went out to the mall for a little bit just to get us all out of the house for awhile. Daddy got me a new digital camera and a portable printer for my birthday, i love him so much. The rest of the day was just hanging out at home together and watching movies.

Courtney has 6 teeth, that would explain why she had the high fever last week. She has cut four through on the top. Crystal has two on the top and barley cut through another one.

Once I find the camera cord I will update with pictures. Hope everyone had a great mothers day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Courtneys home

My baby girl got to come back home today after spend two nights at the hospital. She has been a little cranky because she couldnt sleep up there with all the lights and noise in the PICU. She is happy to be home though, and happy to be with her sister again. The doctors are saying she was also dehydrated a little too, so we got her on a new diet, and she seems to being great with it.

Grandpa and Grandma Becky came to visit her yesterday and so did her sister. She loved having visitors, made her feel better. Thanks for coming to visit.

Crystal was happy to have her sister home mainly because mommy is home to stay. She missed her mommy. Since she has been a great sport about all of this and also since she has been so coped up we brought her the park for the first time. She had a blast, she loved the swings. She is getting back to eating normal again, so lets hope for some weight gain.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A lot of info

Well I was going to blog about our wonderful trip out of town this past weekend and how well Crystal has been doing but I got other news to blog about first.......

Courtney Jo was brought into the ER this afternoon, mainly because she wasnt acting like herself and I just had a gut feeling something was wrong with my baby girl. Well Crystal got to go along since we had family hours with her. Courtney had a low grade temp all morn, so it wasnt like she was sick. Just a slight increase in her heartrate and her goobers that we suction out of her. Our first thought was that she caught what Crystal had but thankfully she dosent have that. She was admitted to the PICU about 700pm tonight after being in the ER since 230pm. They are saying she isnt tolerating her feedings that well and that would explain why she has been gaging all day and night long. She is sleeping well and will get her feeding tube replaced in the morn and hopefully that will help her out. As so as she can handle her food again she can come back home, I hope it isnt to long.

Crystal is crabby because she has been coped up all day here at the hosptial but she is doing good.l Getting over her infection and doing great with no vent help, so we are still on track with her being weaned from the vent.

Thats all for tonight. Tomo when I get some free time I will update everyone about our first trip out of town with the kids.