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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

it been to long again

I been trying to keep up but with two toddlers that like to fight more than anything it gets hard, plus daddy is away again

Courtney is becoming her sister.....she can climb the stairs now, so gates had to be put up since I cant chase her all day....she loves to talk, especially saying da da....she can actally scream, the excited kind.....

Crystal is becoming my smart kid......she said elmo the other day and loves to point him she said the numbers one, two when we were working on counting....she is getting beat up more by her sister

3rd hamilton still has no name and is a pain like her sisters are....we are still trying to get ready for her but there is still a lot she needs that we cant afford yet....she will be here any where from the end of July to the begining of Aug

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crazy around here

Well Courtney has been admitted again, I swear this doctor admits ts her for everything....I brought her in her a sore on her neck cuz her doctor had the trach to tight...and they say she has an infection in her trach...duh i could of told them that, it been there for awhile.....other than that she is doing good...she has cut a new tooth and is becoming the demon child

Crystal loved being with the sitter till daddy was able to come and help mommy out.....she has been fussy so i think she is getting a new tooth too....she has an actual toddler bed now no more crib....she also has learned to drink out of a straw, she is growing up to fast on us...

Baby 3 had mommy in Labor and Delivery for really bad back pain and some mild cramping....well I was having contractions when I was at the army hospital but they didnt treat me so after Courtney was taken care of I went to a different one and I wasnt having any, but I got some restrictions....also come to find out I am not 28 weeks, I am 30 weeks, baby is also weighing in at 3lbs 5ozs....and it is a GIRL and she is a name yet

Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend trip

We went to Albuquerque New Mexico over the weekend.....It was fun, we all had a blast....Crystal was in the ER with a minor concussion, she fell while playing on a playground and hit her head....all is good now expect daddy being in the feild for the next ten days
Baby 3 is doing good, kicking up a storm....I am now 26 weeks and 6 days....
Daddy will be in going to the feild for about 3 weeks in June, and he said I go could to Minnesota while he is gone....I might do it, depends on what Courts doctor says and what mines says and if we can afford it

Monday, May 3, 2010

hello everyone

I know I havent updated in awhile and I promise I will do better....

Courtney still has here trach least for another few weeks, they do the surgery different down here she has a balloon in her trach area and they leave the trach in just in case something goes wrong, she sees that doctor on the 6th......she been standing more but not alone yet.....she eats anything, mainly her veggeis.....she is starting to stand up for herself, least once in awhile

Crystal loves her big girl bed, we got to get her an actual toddler bed so we can use this crib for the new little one.....she does go to a sitter/daycare every once in awhile and she loves it, she loves playing with her little boy.....she has yet another new owie across the bridge of her nose, it scrapped and bruised

The new baby is growing....I am 26 weeks and 6 days already....loves to kick, and swim around...still have no clue what it is.......we did do the registry at babies r us and target...some things we need before the baby comes but some things will be able to wait