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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Park day

Today we went to the Moms of Multiples picnic . It was fun, the girls enjoyed themselves. They got to see Roman and Olivia, it was great to see them, it been awhile since we had a play date with them. We took them on a little walk, and got some great pictures of them together. Got to love the outdoor pics. They played on the playground a little bit too, of course they loved the swing. We are hoping to find a good park to go to tomo so we can do some of the trails.

Crystal has been on O2 since thursday night when we brought her back into the er, this time it wasnt as bad. She seems to still have some minor breathing issues but being on O2 has helped it. She is also sleeping in the living room where the air is colder and that has been helping her sleep better.

Courtney sits in her highchair every time her sister eats now. She will only play with the food but once in awhile she will taste some, but she dosent like it to much. Its a start though, we take what we can from her. She still loves to shake her head no, it is so cute.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saints Games

Today the girls went to their first St. Paul Saints baseball game. Even though it was hot they did wonderful. We didnt stay the whole game since it warmed up and Courtney dosent like the heat to well. Crystal loved clapping and cheering on the team. We also brought Auntie Janelle with. We all had a blast.

After the game we went to toys-r-us and got the girls a wagon. Crystal fell in love with being in a wagon when she was in the hospital, and it makes sense to get one. We got one that we can attach a trailer to it so we have a spot for the vent and O2 tanks. The girls will have lots of space, we cant wait to get out and use it.

Crystal is doing great since she got back home. She is eating a whole lot more, some times up to four ounces at time. That is alot for this little one. She can now hold her own bottle, and talk up a storm. Her favorite words are mommy and daddy.

Courtney is loving having her sister back home. She really missed her. She has learned to shake her head no when you ask her a question. After she shakes her head no, she will just laugh away. Her feet and toes have become her favorite thing to play with.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crystal is back in

We had to bring her into the ER for work of breathing and needing O2. Since she has been her breathing seems to be getting a little better with the help of steroids. She will probably be here until monday. She is finally sleeping which is a great sign considering she hasnt slept at all really since she came home earlier this week. I will keep everyone updated as best as I can.

Courtney went out to the mall for some fathers day shopping. We had this planned all week and we need to keep her active and busy when her sister is gone. She hasnt seemed to know that her sister is gone yet but I am sure that will come tomo. She has been doing great.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Crystals home

She is back home and she is doing okay. Just trying to get her back into her old routine. She is a little clingy but thats normal for what she has been through. It is so nice to hear her talk and laugh and cry. She looks so big like a toddler without the trach in.
Courtney is enjoying having her sister home with her. She beat her up today which is a first. She was increased on her CPAP time and seemed to do great with it. We will take a break next week, we dont want to push her.

Pictures tomo.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sry it been so long

Crystal is doing wonderful. She is back to eating, sitting up being herself. We are not back to crawling yet but thats okay. She is talking up a storm now and boy is she loud. It is great to hear her talk. Even her doctors say that she is getting back to normal quicker than some babies do. She looks so big without her trach in.

Courtney is dong great. She is starting to miss her mommy though. She gets to spend time with her sister tomo and I think that they both will like that. We are still working on rolling over, seh loves to get tangled up in her tubing. Silly girl of mine.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello Everyone

Everything has been busy but good around here.

Courtney got to paint for the first time Saturday night. Sunday she went out shopping and than visited her sister at the hospital. Grandpa and Grandma came over, and she was so happy to see them. I think she liked when Grandma was dancing to Elmo with her. So cute. Today she had an eye appointment and everything seems to be okay. She might need to keep her glasses though.

Crystal is still not liking the vent to much. She is able to move a little more right now, but not to much. She will get the tube out and be able to wake up on Wedesday. We are excitied to see her awake and playing again. She problay wont be home till next monday but thats okay.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Everything is good

Last night Courtney got to go out to a movie with mommy and daddy. She went to sleep a little after 7, her normal bedtime and slept the whole time. Till we got home and than she went through I miss my sister routine, she wouldnt sleep and would cry when you leave her alone. I gave her Crystals blanket and that seemed to help some.
Crystal was doing good yesterday after having a rough night. Her first night was hard till they found the right vent settings for her.

Courtney went out to the Science Museum with mommy and daddy only. It was great to be a family minus one kid. She seemed to like it, she was always kicking and dancing when mommy was carrying her in the snuggle pouch thing. Than we took her to see her sister. She had the biggest smiles when we got there.
When Crystal knew mommy was there she moved her leg. They are slowly taking the meds away plus they got to check and make sure she can still wake up and move. When her sister held her hand her heartrate went down, which shows she wasnt in much pain. It was so cute. She is doing great.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No more Trach

Crystal has no more trach. The surgery went great. She had to get her airway area reconstructed, and that went wonderful. She will be sedated for about a week and than she will be aloud to wake up and when she starts to act normal she can come home. She was given morphine and she broke out in a rash, so they they had to find another pain med for her. Other wise she is great and looks great with no trach.

Courtney is trying to clap. She tries so hard, and it is so cute. She gave her sister some loving before she left, so cute. She looked confused when we came home and she couldnt find her sister. I think she is missing her. She will go see her on friday after we do a family day out with no nurse.

They pictures here are the last ones of her with her trach and one of her after surgery.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tomo is the big Day

Crystal gets her trach out at noon tomo. She will be in the hospital for about two weeks to heal. She got it in July 25th 2008, so not even a full year for her. I also was looking back in her baby book and June 3 2008 with when she was moved to CPAP and this year on the same day she gets rid of everything.

We took her out to the mall for some shopping and one on one time with mommy and daddy. She had a sallow study today and did better than last time and they were happy with the results.

Courtney is doing alot better today. She was a little fussy yesterday, from gas pain to I think another bottom tooth coming in. She was fussy when we got home from the mall but when she saw her sister she was happy. Itis going ot be a long two weeks for her without her sister to play with. She loves her new Elmo toy that is in the pictures.