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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 1 of move

We left our first place as a family about 6am....and drove to about 420pm.......We drove through Iowa into Missouri and than into Kansas...we only drove part of Missouri.

It been a good day, once we got out and ran around at a few gas stations and took a nap and ate lunch everyone was happy as a toddler can be in the car all day long.

I dont like the wal-mart in this town, it dosent have floaties for the kids or life jackets for is really werid, apparently that truck hasnt come can you not sell life jackets all year long..

We all went was Courtneys first swimming and she didnt do to bad....Crystal had fun till she dunked herself under the water

Both are sound in a crib and one in the playpen....time for mommy and daddy to eat dinner...

Pictures will be up when we get to Texas

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

A brand new month

There is alot going on in the Hamilton house......

Crystal Ann: She has learned to climb on the chairs at the table, she can even climb up into the booster seats, she has been make more sounds...she can say the b sound now, she can color with crayons now and make pretty pictures

Courtney Jo: She has normal trachs more cuffed trachs, she is all the way off the vent, she pulled herself up to standing the other day by herself, she has been on the move more lately, loves to talk, she also can color with crayons now too

Also for the big news......there will be a new baby Hamilton coming this Aug.....the twins will be big sisters

Daddy is doing good at Fort Bliss, we are still trying to get a house so we can go be with him

Pictures will come when the other computer starts working better to upload them