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Friday, January 30, 2009

Play Date with the Kogler boys

The girls had some friends over to play. They were so cute together, and it was so fun. Cody and Cayden are so little compared to the girls but they have gotten so big.

Crystal is now getting weaned off the vent at night. We are hoping by her first birthday she will be completely off the vent. We are so proud of her.

Courtney is getting weaned off her feeding pump. She used to be only off it for two hours now we are up to four hours. That way she wont gain to much weight at once.

The first picture is on Courtney and Cody. The other two are of Crystal and Cayden.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New weights and milestones

Crystal: 13lbs 11ozs
Courtney: 15lbs 8ozs

They played so well in the bath tonight, so cute. Courtney was splashing and picking up toys, something she has never done before.

Mommy got a few hours away. I went out to the mall and saw a movie with Tammi. She was also able to get away from her twins(thank you Grandma). It was great to get out and be with a good friend. Thanks for the night out and cant wait till our playdate next week.

The first picture is what happens when you leave daddy home with two babies.....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Shoot

We dressed them up in Christmas dresses and took some pictures. Courtney needed a chance to wear it, so we did it this morn. Both were very good for it.

Both had a great day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got another tooth coming in

This time it belongs to miss Crystal Ann. Yes she is finally getting hers in. Same place as Courtneys but just a few days behind that all.

Did you know that a McDonald's bag could entrain a baby for about 20 minutes? It did for Crystal.

We had a fun night last night, we had no night nurse. Mom stayed up with her first and than daddy did, plus Courtneys nurse helped us out too.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bvonchs Today

We were at the hospital from 9am till about 5pm, it was a long day for everyone. Transporting went very well since it was our first time with two kids and two nurses.

Courtney didnt have any problems, except that she had some goobers stuck in her trachea area from not getting suctioned to the right depth but we are on the ball with that problem now. She has no changes on anything, and they are happy that she is doing so well. Starting in March will be weaning her vent, as of right now.

Crystal did wonderful as well. She had to show off to the doctors all of her new tricks. Her doctor says her tooth will be coming in on the right side, same as Courtneys. The best news of all as soon as her trach doctor gets the go from the other doctor she will be getting her trach out this spring.

Everyone is so happy to see these two little babies doing so good. They are proving them all wrong and it feels good to hear people tell us how great they look. Plus how well we are doing on rasing these two.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dinner with Grandpa and Grandma

Crystal got to go over to Grandpa and Grandmas house for a dinner that Grandpa cooked. She took the whole dinner table to heart since she was actually eating the table. She got to chew on some of the bread and was trying to play in mommys plate of food. She enjoys being out and playing with her Auntie.

Courtney can lift up her head while laying on her tummy today. She is getting to be so strong. She enjoyed seeing her Grandma Hitchcock today. She was getting a little fussy but I think it has a lot to do with that tooth, it has poked through the top but the rest has yet to come in.

I would like to add to keep their Grandpa in your prayers as he heads out for training than off to Iraq for a year. Thank you

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grandpa came by

Grandpa Hamilton came over to play with us today. So did Grandma Hamilton. Grandpa finally got to see the double trouble together. They got to hear Crystal talk for the first time. They enjoyed seeing them.

Courtney enjoyed talking a nap with her daddy today, and they both snore. We noticed that the tooth has poked through just a little but it there and she was never fussy about it.

Crystal got to go out to Red Lobster for dinner with the family. It was a last dinner for Grandpa since he is leaving for Iraq soon. She did great and loved be with the family. Auntie Janelle got to help feed her and she enjoyed that, they both did.

Friday, January 23, 2009

we got weights and almost a tooth

Yes, Courtney has a tooth starting to come through. You can feel the tip coming through and she is not all that happy about it. Other than that she has been great. She enjoyed her bath tonight, she was playing with her sister in there. She did wonderful in the highchair with her dinner, she ate some of it. She was talking with her Grandpa today.

Crystal had fun with her dinner in the highchair. She had it every where. She was also feeding herself. Even though she was wearing most of it. She was sitting in the tub, and splashing. She was actually playing in the tub. She is getting so big.

New weights:
Crystal is 13lbs 7 ozs
Courtney is 15lbs 3ozs

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Courtney laughed

Courtney had her cuff deflated and she was laughing. I got to hear Courtney's first laugh. I was almost crying. It was so sweet to hear. She was also holding her head up while on her tummy.

Crystal had the value on and boy did she make the house loud with her fussing. She was playing monkey see monkey do with mommy. Mommy would make a face and she would try to copy me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some cute pictures

Crystal got to go to wal-mart, since we had family hours for a whole shift and she needed some new bottles since she wont take the other ones. She did great, and nobody came towards her. It was an in and out thing. She was shaking two hands at the same time while keeping her balance, getting so big.

Courtney was doing a Crystal trick, where she is laying on her back and trying to eat the toys above her head. It is a big step for her to be doing that. Since Crystal taught her to make mouth nosies, she loves to sit and make that noise when no one is watching her.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Had some visitors

Grandma Hamilton and Auntie Janelle came over to play. They both enjoyed having different people over to visit them, instead of always having the nurses here. Grandma didnt seem to know what to do with to babies at once though.

Crystal seems to be taking more from her bottles like we want her to do. She is learning that she has to take a full bottle before she is allowed to eat baby food. We need her to take all the calories in the bottle more than baby food.

Courtney tried the highchair again today. She is okay for a little bit than gets fussy. She seems to like the fruits and sweet baby food over the veggies. But who can blame her on that one.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crystal had a adventures day

Crystal was sitting up, fell down and started crying. So I am holding her to calm her down, and she starts spitting up, getting mommy, herself and the blanket on the floor. Once she was okay we suction out her trach and put her on the pulse ox to check her numbers. Her O2 stats were low and she was looking very pale, so she was put on oxygen for awhile till she brought her stats back up. On a brighter note, we put her in the crawling position and she held it for a long time. She was not sure what to do from there, so we might be getting close to the crawling stage.

Courtney has been great. She got to play with some snow today, daddy brought it in to the house. She wasnt sure what to think about it, but than again she was dressed in a skirt and tank-top. Nice huh. She is very adjusted to being home. She is learning that naps are taken in the playpen, you can put her in there on her tummy she will go to sleep. She loves her tummy, and she hates it when she is not aloud to be on it all day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Pictures

Not a whole lot new today with the girls. They enjoyed playing blocks together and seem to take better naps in the playpen if they are both in it. They love being together. Crystal was chewing on Courtneys tubing again, and she is so fussy with these teeth coming in. With the value on and she falls she cries like a regular baby all nice and loud. Courtney is doing great.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Crystal had a play date with Olivia and Roman. As you can see my the pictures this little girl had a blast with them. She didnt really want to leave. It is good for Crystal to play with other babies. She is weighing in at 13lbs 4ozs, it is some increase but still little. We need to try and get her to bottle more, but she dosent like to sometimes. She is working on her sitting up and rolling over more.

Courtney is weighing in at 14lbs 11ozs, yes she is my big girl but all of that is steroids and being on feedings all day. But she still looks a lot like her sister. She was in the crawling position today but she needs to have her head up and she might be able to move, just maybe. She is doing great with this whole rolling over thing. It dosent scare her.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Courtney rolled over

Yes, Courtney rolled over for the first time today, from tummy to back. It didnt even phase her. She hasnt dont it again though but it is a start. She was doing okay sitting up again until once again Crystal pushed her over.

Crystal was talking so much with her value on, it is so cute to watch. Her sitting up skills are getting a lot better. You can sit her up and that is where she will stay now. Even in the highchair she sits completely straight up. Hard to believe she is getting so big.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am proud of my kids

Crystals eye appointment went great. No glasses for her as of right now. She will get them retested in April. OT stopped by to see Courtney today but Crystal had to show her everything she has learned in just a weeks time. Her sitting up has gotten a lot better. Wont be long till we are trying to crawl in this house. She is also taking juice out of a bottle in between bottles and she just loves it.

Courtney is really showing off in this house. While on her tummy she gets on her knees and a little bit of pressure on her hands, this is while on a boopy pillow, but if she had her head held up she would be in the crawling position. She was also eating food today. We gave her a biscuit those teething ones and she sucked on it and ate some. She also ate some baby food while in the highchair with her sister. She had no problem with it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crystal was holding her own bottle today, and doing a lot more sitting up on her own. She even did more rolling over today. All this has happened in the last week since her sister came home. See how she is when her sister is around.

Courtney didnt really like sitting in her highchair today, but she did try some pears off of her fingers only though. She did great today, not a lot of fussy and has stayed on 1 1/2 litters of O2 all day and all last night. That is great for her.

I will like to add some other names tonight for some extra prayers, little Daxton that has many doctor appointments this week and we are hoping they all come out with good news, he is also a former 23 weeker. And little Cody as he also has a doctor appointment this week. Plus Codys twin Cayden that he continues to grow and be strong. Thank you.