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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

9 months old

The twins are nine months old already. Can you believe that? Nine months ago they had a 50 50 chance to live. They love to prove the odds.

Crystal had a playdate with baby Cayden today. Thats the little boy in the last picture, he is eight weeks old and was born at 30 weeks. Isnt he so cute? We all went out the Mall of America, and the kid loved it. She was into everything, already a shopper like her mother. Daddy is in trouble. We got home and she jumped in her jumper and than feel asleep in it like always.

Courtney is doing great today. Mommy and daddy did her trach change, not to different than Crystals. The meds are working so she will still be home on time next week. She will be breaking out of the hospital at 11am on Jan. 6th 2009. She played with her daddy tonight and she was laughing so much. Usually she dosent laugh like her sister does, but today she did.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Courtney is sick and Crystal learned a new trick

Well Courtney is sick again, but nothing that will stop her from coming home. Its the MRSA that she has. So she is on meds for that, and sleeping so it should cure itself in about ten days just like the last time. She was sleeping when we were up there, yes we drove in the snow to go see our little baby. After the meds were started she was acting a little more like her old self again. I will have her home next week no matter what.

Crystal had fun playing with her daddy today, as you can see. But after her shower she only wanted her mommy, nothing to do with daddy. Well he still has the younger one, lol. Her new trick is that she was holding her bottle all by herself tonight. Such a big girl. She had some new flavors of food today and had no problem with taking them. Played in her Jumper alot again today, cant seem to keep her out of it. She didnt roll over but she did turn herself in a circle. We are getting some where.

Crystals new weight is 13lbs 3ozs, so Courtney is about 13lbs 5ozs.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Girls are getting big

This is the new blog site.....We will try it out and see how it goes. The top to pictures are of Courtney Jo, see how cute is sitting up like a big girl. The bottom two are of Crystal Ann, being a goofy little one.

Crystal rolled over all by herself tonight, the second picture of her was right before she rolled over. I am so proud of her, she is getting to be such a big girl. She loves her jumper still, cant seem to keep her out of it. She didnt want to go to bed tonight, so mommy held her and read her some books till she went to bed and she loved that. She has been drinking out of her new bottle that uncle Paul got her for Christmas, it a Minnesota Wild bottle. We didnt think she would take it but she loves it and drinks better from it than her other one. We tried some new stage 2 foods with her today and loved them.

Courtney is well loved up there in the PICU, they all are excited that she goes home next week but they all are going to miss her and that big smile she has for everyone. She did very well with her PT this morn. She is allowed to be off feeds 2 hours out of the whole day, but hey we got to start somewhere dont we. We got the list of all her meds and wow for a baby she has a lot of them. But they are helping her get through this cold and flu season.