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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting Better

Courtney had some hard times durn the week but she is doing a lot better now....she is still on oxygen but more when she is sleeping than when she is awake, her infection is getting better...she will be in the hospital till next week some time, her breathing is better but not where they want it

Crystal has been lost without her sister but she has been playing with Great Grandma all week while mommy has been with Courtney....she got her first set of scraped up knees the other day, took her all summer, mommy thought it would of been sooner.....mommy and Crystal are having a special day tomo

Jasmine is already a month old, her and mommy went to the State Fair yesterday together and had a good day....she is 10lbs 8ozs already...she still is a great sleeper at night and wants to look around and play durn the day....she is getting so big so fast

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PICU again

Instead of updating the all the new things and fun things the kids have been up too, I got to update about Courtney today..

Sunday night I had to rush her into the ER for trouble breathing and not acting like herself......when we got there her pulse was 178, and a fever of 104...they did chest x-rays and she has pneumonia

She was doing okay on just oxygen last night, but than I got a call this morn that she was being taken to the PICU for trouble breathing.....they were scared that she would tire out and stop breathing

She is now on high flow with 50% oxygen, her x-rays are still the same as sunday so nothing is getting worse, she is on iv steroids and antibiotics......

She will be there for least the rest of this week, cuz they also want to do a sleep study and sallow study....I will keep everyone updated

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two weeks

Jasmine is already two weeks old.....she went to the doctors on monday for her check-up and she gained weight....she is 8lbs 11ozs, gaining wetight great.....she goes about four hours at night between eatings...she loves her bath, and playing on her playmat..

Crystal likes helping mommy out with the baby....she has recovered great from her surgery, she dosent even know it gone

Courtney is still trying to walk....I think she can do it but she is to scared to let go....she is getting better with the baby

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

lets try for an update

Crystal got her feeding tube out this week, so she is now tube and medical free.....she is such a big girl.....she did wonderful the one night she spent in the hospital.....she has become a little mommy with Jasmine, she brings bottles, nuks, anything she needs.....

Courtney is been a little crabby lately but otherwise she has been good....she dosent seem to care much about the Jasmine, she will go over to her and look at her but that is about it.....she has been walking with toys so it shouldnt be to much longer and she will be walking on her own

Jasmine is a sweet baby....she is eating like a champ and even sleeps at night.....she is already a week old, and she is gaining her weight back...on sunday she weighed in at 7lbs 15ozs, so not far off from her birth weight...