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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Been Cold

The weather has been a little too cold to take the kids out, so we have been havinf fun inside....we colored some turkeys to hang up, been playing with toys and just being kids...

we are down to a day and a half till we get daddy from the airport, than off to the familys for dinner....and Jasmines first Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mall day

Today we went out to the mall so the kids could play since they didnt go out much this week and with the bad weather coming in it will be awhile till we go out again..
Courtney loves walking around the mall, she thinks she is all that now, and of course she is...we been waiting for her to walk for a long time

Crystal loves to shop, she will pick out clothes and brings them back for me to see, but for some reason she always grabs baby boy clothes

Jasmine stays awake longer now durn the day, so she is enjoying going out and seeing new things...she loves play with her toys that are on the stroller

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New look

I redid the blog to include the baby.....and i am going to try harder to update least every other day if not everyday...

Today Courtney got an owie while walking with her blanket, she hasnt learned that takes more skill than what she has yet...she has learned to sign the word more, we are now working on the word please

Crystal can sign garden, train, more, please, thank you, and eat....she can even put them together to make a sentence, it is such a great help to figure out what she wants...she loves to do tummy time with Jasmine

Jasmine is teething already, teeth are right on the edge of coming through...she has been very talkative the last few days, it so cute to listen to her....she can almost roll from back to belly, she can get about half way only

Daddy should home in about a week for Thanksgiving, the kids are getting excited to see him even for a few days...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lots of news

I will start with Courtney: she is now a walking toddler, I am so proud of her, she still falls sometimes but each day she is getting better...

Crystal has learned to sign the words more and thank you, she has started her speech therapy that she goes to once a month

Jasmine loves to play in her excersaucer, she has enough strength in her legs to turn it around, she loves to talk and watch her big sisters..

We are on a countdown till daddy comes home for thanksgiving, he hasnt seen Courtney walk yet so it should be a great weekend

Minnesota is suppose to be getting snow this weekend, so that means outside fun and lots of pictures of Jasmine in her first snow fall

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Late Halloween Pictures

It was Jasmines first Halloween and the twins 3rd....they all had fun....

Courtney is getting closer to walking on her own...she is now weighing in at 23lbs 15ozs, she is gaining weight just perfect....

Crystal is going to be in speech starting next week, it is something she needs...she is now 27lbs 4ozs...

Jasmine is now 3 months old and is starting to get teeth...she can roll over, smile, coo, reach for toys already...she is 16lbs 4ozs