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Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair

Saturday we went out to the State Fair for the day. It was a little chilling but it was okay since they wore their pjs some of the day. Got to stay warm.

Crystal got to try cookies, corndogs and cheese curds. Plus she had chocolate milk out of a big girl cup. She loved all of it. She got a little cranky when she couldnt get down and walk but I didnt want her eating stuff off the ground. She liked being in her backpack carrier though.

Courtney did okay with all the people. She got a little fussy here and there but all she wanted was to be held and carried like her sister. She loved watching everyone and everything. We tried giving her taste of new food but she wasnt to sure of it.

Childrens Museum

We went to the Childrens Museum for the first time last friday. We went with the military so we got in free. The girls had a blast.

Courtney loved the water area and the baby dolls. She cries through most of the areas. I think mainly it was something new and lots of kids running around her. She still is not into crowds very well. The baby doll that she was playing with kind of looked like her, she sat and played with it for awhile. She cried when we said it was time to go and had to leave it there.

Crystal also loved the water area but she had fun playing everywhere out there. She was climbing, running and getting into everything. It was a great place for her to be. She also was trying to play with other toddlers which is great for her. She had a really great time.

Pictures should be up this week some time, before we leave for our Labor Day trip.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Doctor Thursday

We got great news on both girls at the doctors....

Crystal....18lbs 8ozs
Courtney....17lbs 7ozs

Crystal.....28.3 inches
Courtney....27.2 inches...she grew 2 inches in about a month

Crystal....17.7 cm
Courtney......17.8 cm

They are so proud on how well they are doing. Crystal is supposed to be working on eating more table food, less bottle more sippy cups, and no bottles durn the night. Courtney is working on do all CPAP time with her cuff deflated and when she does great on that she can start trach nose time like Crystal used to have. It will be awesome.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zoo day fun

It was raining today but we went to the zoo anyway. They have indoor animals to see. Grandma joined us out there. Crystal wanted to walk everywhere, mainly outside. While towards the end of the zoo, Courtney thought it would be fun to pull out her trach.....this makes it 5 times in two and a half weeks...not good. I got to her quick enough and had the trach out so fast that she didnt change colors this time or causing bleeding to her airway. I had the trach out before the nurse had the new one ready. I hae became that fast.

Daddy made us all dinner. Courtney loved her banana and mango baby food. Crystal liked what daddy cooked for dinner. Courtney was crying so she got to sit on mommys lap, while she thought it would be fun to play in mommys food and than lick the plate. It was a mess but so cute and funny. Crystal can drink out of a sippy cup at meal time.

Courtney thought it would be fun to put her finger in her sisters mouth...that was until Crystal bite her...but I couldnt punsih her since her sister caused it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pics from the week

My Double Trouble

Crystal at the mall

Courtney and her favorite toy

Sleeping Courtney

Crystal reading before bed

Courtney looking for that important number

Crystal walking

Satuday Fun

We went over to grandma Becky's to play in the pool and have a cookout. It was fun. Grandpa wasnt there, so in a way it was a girl party with daddy and the puppy being out numbered. The girls had fun playing in the pool. Courtney is becoming more a water baby as the days go on. She is loving to splash, and when she does she sits and laughs. Daddy cooked on the grill for all of us. Crystal loved having a bun all to herself, while she did share some with Courtney but she tore it apart. Courtney wanted the tuna salad noodles more. She did like them. But when she was done she threw moms plate on the floor before she was done. Goofy kid. Grandma was so proud to see Crystal walking, this is the first time she has seen it and we cant wait to show it off to Grandpa.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun Days

It been a fun week in our house.

Monday they went through there first car wash..they werent to sure about that one. Courtney seemed to do better than Crystal.
Tuesday we tried going to Como Zoo but Courtney didnt like all the crowds so we left. I wonder how she will do at the state fair.
Wednesday we went to the mall for just a little bit of walking around, mainly to get us out of the house.
Thursday was PT, Courtney was actually happy for this one. Than we went to wal-mart, which is fun trying to get a vented kid in and out of the car when it is raining. Courtney had another emergency trach change in the garage, on the front seat of the van. Always fun.
Friday(today) was OT. She did great with the eating part, but didnt like the sensory beans today. Crystal is starting to point to things when she wants more of it, so now we dont have to guess. They both took about a two hour nap at the same time. Bath time was in our pool in the living room. It was a blast watching them play. Isn't great to be a kid some days. Both girls were splashing and laughing, Crystal was bouncing on her butt. It was so cute.

Courtney is doing great with her eating and Crystal is getting a lot better with her walking. Pictures to come this weekend from the past week.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

We went to the history museum for the first time. Crystal loved the little playland thing they had there, she was so proud of herself when she went through some of the tunnels on her own. She had a blast there. Courtney cant do that yet but she did have fun. Courtney had her fun when we went to babies r us after the museum. We were loading her into the cart and her trach came out, so we had to do a emergency trach change in the middle of the parking lot. Leave it to my kids to keep life fun.

We went to a Saints game. Crystal had fun climbing all the stairs, she is such a pro at them. Courtney enjoyed justing sitting in her seat and watching the players on the field. We got rained on some but we kept everything dry, so we were good.

Courtney is doing great with her eating, I got her eating three times a day just like her sister and she eats so much. She loves bananas. Crystal is getting better at her walking, still likes to crawl since she can move quicker that way.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Courtney had her first OT. She did great. We got to work on sensory with her feet, her right seems to be more sensitive than her left. So that night before bed, I put her in the bathtub with finger paint and helped her finger paint with her feet. She did great and made some cute pictures. She also has started to eat baby food from a spoon.

Crystal is walking more and talking more. She said her first sentence today...she said Hi Daddy, while looking at him, so it wasnt by accident. She is growing up to fast. She loves going to daddys work when her sister has OT or PT.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Fair

Last night we went out to Dakota County Fair. I have been going there since I been a toddler and me and Jim have been going there the last three years together, so it was great to finally bring the girls there. It was fun. Even though it was hot out they did great.

Crystal loved playing in the dirt, so you can imagine what kind of kid we brought home. The fun of having toddlers. She tried different food, she dosent like the outer part of the corn dogs. She had a blast. She even got to play her own game and get her own prize...the ducky game. She picked her own ducks.

Courtney was fine if she viewed everything from her wagon. She isnt as daring as her sister is. She also got to play the ducky game too. She had fun with it. She loved playing with the free balloon she got.

It was a fun night. Next will be the State Fair

Monday, August 10, 2009


Courtney is eating.....yesterday at Subway she tried eating my sandwich, she had the bread in her mouth. Today she was eating pudding off her fingers and the spoon. She is also taking an interest in her sisters bottle. She is growing up so fast.

Crystal is walking a whole lot more now. She is so cute when she walks.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

lots to update

We went to Grandpas softball game. Courtney had a blast watching the game from Grandmas arms. She watched the whole thing. Crystal was to busy checking out all the new people around her. It was a fun night and it was great to see him play.
I went out with my mom for a drink last night and on the way home we were rear-ended at a stop-light. We are both okay just a little sore. Her car has some minor damage to the bumper. The guy driving the other car says he was trying to grab his pizza before it fell on the floor. He was more worried about his pizza than the road. That better of been a good pizza for what it cost him.

Crystal is walking....still short distances but it is more than before. She is getting better as the days go on. I wanna say by next week she will be walking even more. Courtney has talking up a storm lately. She loves to talk.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

new words

Crystal can now say ma ma, once in awhile ok and all done....she is learning new words every day. Also this little one can walk, while not fully but she will let go and take some steps from people to people or place to place. She is growing up.

Courtney is getting to be stronger when she knees and standing....we have to help her stand still but she is starting to do more on her own. She has PT tomo so we will she what she says about everything. We been working hard here at home with everything.

We went shopping today with Tammi and the twins. We got some great deals on summer clothes for next year.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Courtneys OT

Courtney went in today for a OT evaluation. The way she plays with toys, and how she acts is right were she should be for 12 months old. Her ability to crawl and that sort of thing is behind but thats what we are going to be working on. We are also going to be working on sensory with her hands, feet and face. Our goal is to have her on all fours by Oct. and crawling by Dec. We think she can do it.

Crystal was letting go of more things today and standing on her own. She is getting more daring each day so hopefully not to much longer till she is walking. She is a little monkey and will climb on top of everything. She went o Grandma Hitchcock's work today while sister was at OT. She had fun.

We painted a few more pictures today. I love painting with them. Anyone want some new artwork? LOL. Also they had a bath together tonight, we havent done this in awhile because Courtney hasnt liked being in the tub to much. They were splashing together.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

before and now

I would like to share a picture of Courtney from May and one of her now.....



Crystal and Courtney in May:

Them Now:


We did some painting today...Crystal dont like it but Courtney could sit there all day painting. We went out to the mall for a little bit. Both have been great. They played with their grandparents today.