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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby #3

Little Jasmine came into the world on July 27th 2010 at 8:05pm.......She weighed 8lbs 5.3ozs and 20.5 inches long.....she is such a sweet little one.....her sisters just love her...

update more soon

Sunday, July 25, 2010

All is good

Courtney came home last week and is doing great, while besides not wanting to sleep at night...she is talking and acting so much more growen up than before....trying to walk more even, she is loving playing with her sister again

Crystal has been doing good....she is teething so some days arent the best, but she seems to be doing okay with it...

Jasmine still cooking but we arent sure how much longer

Update pictures later this week

Monday, July 19, 2010

new pictures

Dont we look so much more alike?

Courtney is off the O2 but now she wont drink from a bottle, so when they get that figured out she should be coming home....

Crystal is doing good if the bees would stop stinging ehr, she has got stung four times now, the one picture is of her eye where it got her

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Strong

Courtney got to wake up yesterday and she is doing great....already moving around trying to get away from the nurses....she took 2ozs of milk from her bottle for me, and she did wonderful for it being her first time drinking and breathing like a normal kid.....she should be home early next week, got to get her off the meds

Crystal is doing good...she went our friend Marys house yesterday while mommy went to take care of Courtney and she did great, it helps that she has 3 kids the same age as her.....she enjoyed going to the library to look at books today

Jasmine will be joining our family on July 28th....she will be coming as a birthday gift to her daddy....her heartbeat has been wonderful and she is still very active even though she running out of room

Saturday, July 10, 2010

she doing great

Courtney is doing great.....pulling through like a champ, just like Crystal did last year.....they are weaning the meds and will change them tomo, they will let her wake up monday if everything healed right and I dont think we will have a problem with that....she can sense when Crystal is in the room with her, she held onto Crystal s hand today when we went up...

Crystal sure does miss her sister, she is a little more crabby and fussy, but other that she is doing good....she does enjoy having mommy to herself though.....she should be having surgery next week to take her feeding tube out, it will be her last surgery/medical thing from being a preemie

Jasmine is doing good, still cooking......she is very low according to the doctor....on Monday I go in to schedule the c-section......we are just trying to get he last minute things she needs before she comes

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trach all gone

We are back in Minnestoa as of last week, least me and the kids are...It been busy since the last time I updated everyone and I am sorry that it has been so long again..

Courtney got her trach out yesterday and is doing great, they will let her start waking up next week.....she did great, she got the same thing done that her sister had done just last year....she is up to 18lbs 5ozs and 29inches, she has finally growen some....she is walking along things like a pro, wont be to long before she is walking all on her own and be all over like her sister

Crystal is arounfd 24lbs and 32inches, also a big girl....she is doing okay without her sister by her side, she does miss her though....she is getting feeding tube out next week so she will be spending a night up in the hosptial with her sister....she got a lip owie last friday that almost needed stiches but they try not to put stiches inside a toddlers mouth..

Baby #3 has a name...Jasmine Victoria.....She shoudl be here anyday now...I was in labor and delivery on monday with contractions, and I am sitting at 1cm....I see a doctor tomo to find out more info